About me

Welcome! I am eager Software Engineer (github: @adamliesko), located currently in the lakeside Zurich, Switzerland, originally from Slovakia. Preferring backend development and enjoying Ruby/Rails and Go the most. I am developing backend platform for Centralway Numbrs, disrupting the old and tedious banking world on European markets. Numbrs is #1 financial app in German App Store. Previously, I crafted exciting biometrics solutions at Innovatrics, where we were doing thrilling stuff (face verification, fingerprint matching) on scales of multiple millions of records, powering national elections, border controls or ID issuance processes.

Software Engineering

Started with Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.0.9 back in 2011. I instantly fell in love with the Rails’ rich ecosystem and supportive community and Ruby has been my weapon of choice since then. Along the way, I have gained notable experience with other popular tools and languages like Go, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL and NoSQL(Redis, Elasticsearch etc.).

Apart from pure software development, I am interested in machine learning (recommender systems), search, personalization and distributed system. I am an active and highly-rated (5*) Hackhands, previously also at Codementor and Airpair. As a member of a team, we have been pretty successful at hackathons - in 2014 we won at SNG Hackathon and in 2015 got awarded 3rd place at Aliance Fair-play Hackathon. I regularly attend local meetups, workshops, hackathons and conferences.

Karate (and sport)


I have spent a great deal of my youth practising and competing in WKF karate at the highest level - World Championships. I hold 1st dan (black-belt) and in 2012 I won 3rd place at World University Championships in male senior kumite category. Thanks to karate, I have had few bones broken, ripped some ligaments (2x ACL) here and there (not necessarily mine). Nevertheless, I have travelled around the world, gained self-discipline, ability to push myself over the edge and respect others. These days I favor skiing and mountain-biking.


You might be interested in one-page resume/CV or my Linkedin profile.

Contact me

adamliesko [at] gmail.com